Thursday, September 29, 2005

Here's a shocker: Corruption in Chicomland! Say it ain't so, Chairman Moe!

Boy howdy, this is just so unexpected!

BEIJING (Reuters) - An investigation by China's state auditors released on Thursday has found rampant financial irregularities throughout government and said corruption in public administration is widespread.

The report found budget mismanagement in no less than 32 government ministries and departments, and was equally critical of the Finance Ministry and the National Development and Reform Commission, the two main bodies that disseminate cash.

The primary difference between a capitalist company and a communist country, is that the company will eventually go broke if there's widespread corruption.  No matter how big it is, no matter if it has an iron clad monopoly, a private company can't withstand corruption and will go out of existence.  Thereby killing the corruption.

A communist country has corruption as the foundation of its existence, and maintains itself primarily through terror and theft.  Once the people get a smell of the freedom outside their walls, the corrupt government is pretty well done for because it can't react constructively.  All it can do is crank the noose tighter until the friggin' rope breaks.

I look forward to the fall of the house that Mao built with great anticipation.  I'd say I hope it is an object lesson to all the socialists, but if they ignored the Berlin Wall crashing down they can ignore anything.

The COMMUNIST Phantom  ~:D

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