Thursday, September 29, 2005

Liberal bias in the newsroom? Say it ain't SO!

The Sun has been coming out with some pretty good stuff lately. Here's
a study which confirms what my lyin' eyes have been telling me for years
about the TV news.

> According to a recent study by two Ryerson University journalism
> professors:
> * Almost half of all Canadian television news directors, the
> individuals who have the most influence in determining what political
> news is covered on your favourite nightly newscast and how it is
> reported, vote Liberal.
> * A TV news director working at the tax-funded CBC is almost three
> times more likely to vote for the NDP in federal elections, compared
> to his or her counterpart in the private sector.
> * When this research was compiled in 2002, just over one in 10 (11.4%)
> of all private sector news directors said they would vote for the
> Canadian Alliance. However, not one news director at the CBC described
> himself (or herself) as an Alliance voter.
Surprise, the TV news is run by liberals! Wow, didn't see that coming
eh? The guy who decides what ois going to be on the news and how it
will be portrayed is pretty socialist (PC Party), really socialist
(Liberals) or "workers unite and sieze the means of production!"
socilaist (NDP). One in ten is mildly willing to look at something
other than socialism, if that's ok with everybody. That's the Alliance
Party, now known as the Conservative Party of Canada. The CBC appears
to be a branch of Pravda, but hasn't got the word about the Berlin Wall yet.

And we wonder why all there is on the news is pictures of Harper eating

The Biased Phantom

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