Sunday, September 04, 2005

Media now officially run by the extra-chromosome Left

Watching these "news" reports this week, it becomes apparent that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been taken over by insane people.  Leftists so boiling with racial hatred plus rage against President Bush that they can't formulate coherent thoughts are writing these stories.  To borrow a line from the famous automaton Algore (America's first android presidential candidate, I think Limbaugh dubbed him), the extra-chromosome Left has taken control of the microphone and is gibbering into it. 

Case in point, this beauty from the NY Daily News.
Bubbling up from the flood that destroyed New Orleans are images, beamed around the world, of America's original and continuing sin: the shabby, contemptuous treatment this country metes out, decade after decade, to poor people in general and the descendants of African slaves in particular. The world sees New Orleans burning and dying today, but the televised anarchy - the shooting and looting, needless deaths, helpless rage and maddening governmental incompetence - was centuries in the making.

To the casual viewer, the situation is an incomprehensible mess that raises questions about the intelligence, sanity and moral worth of those trapped in the city. Why didn't those people evacuate before the hurricane? Why don't they just walk out of town now? And why should anyone care about people who are stealing and fighting the police?

That hard, unsympathetic view is the traditional American response to the poverty, ignorance and rage that afflict many of us whose great-great-grandparents once made up the captive African slave labor pool. In far too many cities, including New Orleans, the marching orders on the front lines of American race relations are to control and contain the very poor in ghettos as cheaply as possible; ignore them completely if possible; and call in the troops if the brutes get out of line.

Isn't that great?  Really makes you want to stand up and cheer, eh?  But it gets better!
The world also saw the breezy indifference with which government officials treated these tens of thousands of sick and dying citizens, even as the scope of the disaster became clear. President Bush initially shunned the Gulf Coast and headed to political fund-raisers in the West.
Yep, its all George Bush's fault.  Had to slllllide that one in there.

So clearly ladies and gentlemen, we are NOT going to get a decent report on what -actually happened- from the MSM.  As usual, we are going to get either fluff or a raging, frothing, foaming at the mouth polemic against White America and George W. Bush.

This particular spew of hate does contain exactly one useful bit of information.  Here it is:
That left matters in the bumbling hands of the director of emergency management, Michael Brown, who ranks No. 1 on the list of officials who ought to be fired when the crisis has passed.
Now we know whose ass to kick for all those busses sitting up to their hubs in water.  Nice, but it would have been better to have known that on Tuesday BEFORE the damn broke.  A well placed boot in the ass might have got those busses moving to good effect.

The Phantom

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