Thursday, September 15, 2005

Palestinians fleeing Palestine?! How can this be?

Well, it seems that while the flower of Palestinian manhood was busy burning and looting the just-evacuated Jewish Settlements, their mums and dads and sisters were busy hauling ass over the border to Egypt.  From the Glob and Snail today:
It was as if the Berlin Wall had fallen, and the next day Russian and U.S. soldiers went around asking everyone to return to their own side so that the barrier could be rebuilt and the hated status quo restored.

After tearing down the metal fence that had separated them for 23 years and pouring across freely for a day, residents of the two sides of Rafah -- an impoverished town that straddles the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt -- repeatedly defied efforts yesterday to reseal the border and stop the flow of people.

Tens of thousands of elated Palestinians, many of them reuniting with long-lost relatives on the other side, have made the crossing in the past 48 hours, some wedging themselves through tiny crawl spaces torn in the 10-metre-high metal fence with hand tools.

Proving that although there are some fools smuggling themselves and their weapons into Gaza, anybody with a single functioning gray cell  is headed the other way.

So pretty soon there's going to be a couple thousand armed IslamoFascisti terroristas shrieking for Jewish blood while firing small arms over the top of The Wall, and the rest of Gaza will be a ghost town.  Good planning, if the plan was to concentrate the enemy in a place where they could be conveniently defeated.

The Concentratin' Phantom

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