Monday, September 26, 2005

Sun Newspapers wake up to smell the coffee

Seems the Toronto Sun has finally awoken to the Liberal Party and their
gun control scam.

> The rash of murders on Toronto streets this summer shows that Ottawa's
> gun registry program does nothing to keep neighbourhoods safe,
> industry experts said yesterday.

Way to go boys, only ten years late. We all knew that back in 1995 when
the thing started. Even Windy Wendy has given up on the thing.

> Wendy Cukier, a professor of justice studies at Ryerson University and
> a member of the Coalition for Gun Control, said the violence on the
> streets has nothing to do with the gun registry.
> "There is an erosion between the community and the police. There can
> be 50 witnesses to a killing and no one comes forward," she said.
> To end the violence, there needs to be better border control to stop
> guns coming from the U.S., Crown attorneys need to go for mandatory
> sentences for weapons offences and gun dealers shouldn't be allowed to
> sell ammunition to people without a gun license, Cukier said.

Don't you love how they quote this woman without question? Its like
everything she says is divine wisdom direct from God. Increased border
control is impossible, and drug dealers don't buy their ammo at the
friggin' gun store. Mandatory sentences do nothing if they get parole
after six months due to over crowding in the jails, or plea bargained
down, or better yet it they get bail in less than 24 hours no matter how
many outstanding charges they have against them.

Sometimes I feel like I'm beating my head on a wall, I really do.

The Phantom Headache

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