Wednesday, September 21, 2005

NY Slimes reaps the reward of bias

NY Times Inc. cuts another 500 jobs, 45 in their newsroom.

Thus is demonstrated the true advantage of private newspapers over
state-run media like the BBC, PBS and the CBC. Eventually, if they keep
printing lies, distortions and disinformation long enough, and if their
condescension to the public is onerous enough, a private company will be
driven out of business. The Times is showing the pressure from people
like myself and yourselves, dear readers, who all have had quite enough
of their nonsense and don't buy their product anymore.

By contrast the CBC could have zero viewers and still be on the air.
Currently their staff is on strike, and yet they remain on the air,
showing re-runs of documentaries from the 1970's and having the janitor
read the news. Nobody has noticed much difference frankly, because
nobody is watching. They could show a test pattern 24/7 and still be on
the air, because they are spending MY money, not their own,

This is the difference between public and private media.

The Phantom

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