Thursday, September 22, 2005

And now some more Canadian corruption.

Well, in case anyone was still wondering why the Canadian Forces is driving 1975 Volkwagen Things (the Iltis), 1960's era Hercules transports and on and on and on, here's why.  Courtesy of Angry in the Great White North we have this study by Queens University explaining why they drive, fly and float antique, non-functional scrap instead of buying new stuff.
Government red tape and bureaucracy have become so cumbersome that the military finds it easier to keep patching up junk than to buy new equipment, says a study from Queen's University.

The paper from the Kingston, Ont., university's school of public policy warns that if government regulations and procedures aren't streamlined, the Canadian Forces will just crumble away as ships, planes and vehicles decay into uselessness.

Why?  No really though, what is it that keeps it this way?

Capital spending involves a bureaucratic maze.

"It usually can take up to nine departments to agree on the purchase of a major Crown project, something worth more than $100 million," Bland said.

"Getting nine deputy ministers in the same place at the same time is hard enough but getting everybody to agree - with all the policies, other interests, their own stake in things - is really difficult."

Bland says the problem runs through the army, navy and air force, as key systems age. If nothing is done to streamline the system, the military will begin to lose important capabilities within five years.

They can't buy new stuff because the Liberals have essentially made it impossible through bureacracy.  Surprise.  Because I bet you there's a bunch of good buddies making serious cash by supplying all that antique stuff.

A Liberal then is a guy who will cheerfully send young men off to die in a war in Assghanistan equipped with broken down shit that's twice as old as they are, while he makes huge money selling overpriced parts to the military.  That is who Liberals are.  Pretty much the same as the P.O.S. city worker in New Orleans caught stealing aid material by the truckload, but better at it.

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