Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Canadian aid finally makes it to Gulf coast.


Well, it looks like I have finally managed to be TOO cynical about the
Canadian government. The Liberals may be a useless bunch of backstabbing
camera whores, but while the Liberals were prancing for the media and
throwing stones in the path of our Canadian Forces, the Navy did an end
run and yesterday managed to get actual aid on the ground in Gulf coast
USA. Way to go boys! Bet it pisses Paul Martin off too.

> Canadian sailors got their first taste of sticky Gulf Coast weather
> yesterday, as they unloaded hundreds of boxes of emergency supplies
> destined for Hurricane Katrina victims.

<snip journalistic nonsense>

> Biloxi is a small city of about 50,000 people that was hit hard by
> Katrina. A dawn-to-dusk curfew is still in effect, but residents
> already have their power back.
> The Canadian task group consists of two frigates, a destroyer and a
> coast guard ship. They’ll anchor off the major shrimp and oyster
> fishing centre and send in work parties to help clean up the mess left
> in the hurricane’s wake. Military construction experts and combat
> engineers from the ships will work with the Seabees, the U.S. Navy’s
> crack construction battalion.
It was my earlier opinion that this aid would never make it to the
disaster zone, it appears I have finally managed to over-estimate the
corruption and slime content of Ottawa. They are two weeks late, but
better late than never.

The Slightly Chastened Phantom

P.S. Gawd awful article that is too eh? Those two little paragraphs
contain pretty much the whole information content of the piece.

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