Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Thoughts on Iraq and New Orleans

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Question:  Why did Bush chose to engage the terrorists abroad (Iraq, Assghanistan) rather than pull in the borders and harden security at home?

Answer:  Maybe he knows what kind of mindless a-holes are running the state and local governments and the federal bureaucracy.

I mean, George called a disaster on Sunday before the storm even hit.  He was prepared for and expecting all hell to break loose in Louisiana, and so far he hasn't been disappointed.  He obviously knows a lot of things that aren't public knowledge, maybe one of those things is that the Governor of Louisiana is a dipstick and Mayor Ray Nagin is another?  How many other major pols does he know who aren't up to the job?  Maybe a bunch of 'em, eh?  Maybe even most of them.  There's a sobering thought.

Possibly he was briefed on the condition of the FBI/CIA/NSA/ATF/INS and the rest of the alphabet soup dorks that are supposed to secure the USA, and concluded back on September 12th 2001 that the lot of them couldn't organize a two man rush on a three hole shit house.  But that -maybe- the military had their act marginally together and could actually do something destructive on demand.  Therefore he went with a forward defense rather than fortifying the country.

Given that he's a politician, he knows all these local and state level guys, he's got to.  He dealt with them all the time as a Texas pol and his father surely filled him in on the condition of things in Washington.  So he probably knew that the likes of Ray Nagin couldn't find his ass in the dark with both hands and a flashlight, and that any assault on New Orleans was going to succeed.

Mark Steyn brilliantly stated the problem:  "huge swathes of the political culture in America remain committed to a bargain that stiffs the people at every level, a system of lavish funding of pseudo-action."  If anybody was in a position to know that on 9/11/01, it was Bush.  Faced with a guaranteed failure at home and the potential waste of billions of dollars, he clearly decided the military was his only option and ran with it.

Suck on that, Lefty wankers.

The Oracular Phantom

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