Friday, September 09, 2005

oh look, Liberal corruption. shock, surprise.

Well well well, it seems the Number 2 Big Kahuna at the UN after Koffi
Anan(anananan) was a Kanuckistanian name of Louise Frechette. Bet ya
didn't know that, eh?

Seems that Louise is up to her Kanuckistanian neck in the Oil for Fraud
scamola. Be still my heart, can I stand the shock of finding this
corruption in the beautiful and perfect land of Kanuckistan.

Long term readers will recall that Maurice Strong has "influence" shall
we say with the Liberal Party of Canada, and his company Magnacorp has
"interests" with various banks and oil companies up to their necks in
Oil for Fraud. Jean Chretien's son in law is (or was at the time
anyway) a Grande Fromage at Total/Fina/Elf, the Euroconglomerate oil
company famously neck deep in Oil for Fraud.

Could it be that Louise baby was carrying water (or oil) for the
Liberals and Maurice? Only her Swiss banker knows for sure at the moment.

The Oil Burning Phantom

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