Thursday, September 29, 2005

Very interesting analysis of CDN healthcare

From the National Poost today, an interesting revelation about
healthcare spending:

> As debate swirls about the role of private medicine in Canada, the
> private sector already covers a bigger chunk of health care costs here
> than in many Western nations -- and its share is growing, a new report
> released yesterday reveals.
> About 70% of Canada's $130-billion health tab is covered by
> governments, compared with 83% in Britain, 76% in France and 78% in
> Germany, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information
> (CIHI) review.
> But in the European countries, the funding is spread more evenly
> across everything from acute medical service to dental visits and
> prescription drugs. Government spending in Canada is concentrated on
> hospital and doctors' services, the study underlined.
Which raises an interesting point. Dental care is 100% private pay,
with private insurance being pretty slim and co-pays large. Yet I don't
see too many people walking around with their teeth rotting out (other
than winos and junkies). How do the poor downtrodden masses manage to
pay the eeeevile capitalist dentists? Hmmm?

The rest of the article is even more interesting. Private care is
pretty much taking over through the back door while the Liberals stand
at the front door screaming TAX THE RICH. Typical Liberal manuever,
they're trying to have their cake and eat it too. Meanwhile sick people
wait in ambulances in the parking lot.

The Inquiring Phantom

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Candace said...

I'm not sure about the RoC, but in AB the poor & downtrodden can get extended benefits from Blue Cross if they qualify, so that's why people aren't running around with their teeth falling out.