Sunday, September 04, 2005

Letter to Erroll Lewis, race baiter

Dear Mr. Louis,  Regarding your column  In view of the level of the destruction, and being mindful of the fact that ill considered comments can make a bad situation worse, don't you think that kicking the racial hatred ant hill could be done next month instead of today?  The idea is to get aid to the storm victims as fast as humanly possible, not incite riots across the country.  Take a look at this picture:  That's one yard with 100+ buses up to their hubs in water on Thursday morning, which should have all been in motion moving people out back on Sunday. Did George Bush and the White House do that?  Nuh uh.    There were people stuck in New Orleans because the LOCAL authorities were incompetent and probably corrupt as you say.  The authorities are also BLACK, like the victims.  The Mayor of N.O. is black, Mr. Andrew Brown is most likely black, and most of the cops who bugged out instead of doing their jobs were black.  We know this because the city of N.O. has a predominantly black police force and city government.  You might want to investigate how many of those corrupt state and local officials you mentioned are black as well.  Kindly chill on the "Get Whitey!" rhetoric, would you?  It is factually wrong, it doesn't help anything, and there's an excellent chance it will hurt.  The Phantom Formerly of Tarrytown NY

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Kryhavoc said...

Just out of interest (and lack of any thing creative to do) I used Google Earth to find that school bus depot in New Orleans. It's located at the following coordinates just off Tecumseh Street:

29 degrees 59 minutes 56.23 N
90 degrees 02 minutes 15.29 W

I counted 234 buses at that lot when the satellite passed over and noted several other smaller groups of school buses at lots in the city numbering a few dozen more. Seems to me the Mayor and his Emergency Management Office blew it hugely!