Sunday, September 18, 2005

further to Flight 93 "memorial", the architect backs off.

Fresh from Michelle Malkin, the architect responsible for the "Crescent of Embrace" entry to the Flight 93 Memorial contest has backed off some more.

Murdoch did not say if the design should change or how. What he did say, though, is that there are three main qualities of that part of the design that must remain: that the tribute is seen as coming from the land -- using the topography of the site; that the flight path cutting through the bowl-shaped piece of land is still represented; and that there is still an embracing gesture of the crash site.

"Those are the qualities the families and I feel are important," Murdoch said. "There's a certain degree of flexibility in how that is achieved."

I'd be quite interested in just how the families wishes were ascertained, and whether or not there was a pretty fancy selling job done on them.  If one of my family had been on that plane I'd assume they went down fighting like the berserk Scotsmen we all are, and I'd expect something to that effect in the memorial.

After all, its not an accident site.  Its the crater left over from Americans resisting killers to prevent an even bigger atrocity.  I frankly don't see where there's any embracing to be done, unless its to hug the stock closer for a better shot at the sons of bitches.  A good cheek weld is essential in a successful long range engagement.

The "But you just don't understand the symbolism!" Phantom

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