Monday, September 19, 2005

Scotland the Brave becomes Scotland the dump,,30000-13440940,00.html

Well, as it was prophesied so many years ago (after the gun ban I said the place would go to hell in a handbasket), so it has come to pass.  The UN has declared Scotland the most dangerous country in the developed world.  As usual in such things, England is number two but trying harder.
Scotland has been named the most violent country in the developed world.

A United Nations report claims more than 2,000 Scots are assaulted every week - almost 10 times official police figures.

The study - which does not include figures for murder, muggings or sexual assaults - claims that together, England and Wales are the second most dangerous countries.

Experts say Britain's heavy-drinking habits are to blame.

The UN claims the attacks have been fuelled by a "booze and blades" culture in the west of Scotland with the worst offenders being males aged between 15 and 25.

Violent crime has doubled in the country over the past 20 years to a level comparable with crime-ridden cities like Rio de Janeiro.

Which just goes to show that the Scots can still out-drink and out-fight the English or anybody else, any time.  Some things never change, eh?

One thing that has changed is the government's opinion of self determination and self defence.  In the old days a man's home was his castle.  These days a man's home and everything in it is considered government property on loan, and self defence is forbidden.  Small wonder the kids drink and fight.

Look for a similar degeneration in Canada should the Liberals win another majority.  The groundwork has been laid and the shit pile is all stacked up just waiting to slide right on in there.

The Phantom Scot

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