Thursday, March 04, 2021

Dr. Seuss books to be removed from eBay.

 Moving ahead with the effort to make literally everything in life problematic, the screeching about Dr. Seuss books has led eBay to scrub them from it's service.

Online marketplace eBay Inc. EBAY -2.31% said it is working to prevent the resale of six Dr. Seuss books that were pulled earlier this week by the company in charge of the late author’s works because they contain offensive imagery.

“EBay is currently sweeping our marketplace to remove these items,” a spokeswoman for the company said in an email. New copies of the six books were no longer for sale online at major retailers such as Barnes & Noble on Thursday afternoon, which put eBay among the most prominent platforms for the books to be sold.

Hundreds of listings for the six books could be found on the platform as of Thursday morning, though the number appeared to be lower than it was on Wednesday evening. The eBay spokeswoman said that it would take some time to review seller listings and that the company was monitoring newly published listings.

  Just to reiterate: you can buy Mein Kampf on eBay. But not On Beyond Zebra.

Update! Here's a guy who did a ton of work running this thing down to its origins. So, where did this "Dr. Seuss is RAAAACIST!!!" thing come from? 

39-year-old Katie Ishizuka-Stephens and 36-year-old Ramon Stephens are race-obsessed college critters. Programmed by the far-left schools and universities they never escaped from, they see everything through a skin-color lens. Indeed, I would be remiss in not mentioning that Katie is half-white and half-Japanese, while Ramon is black. These details matter greatly to the pair, who likely chose each other genetically rather than by any other metric.

He goes into their claims in detail. He's pretty harsh. But here in 2021, there's not much point in holding back for people who make shit up to score political points by destroying the reputations of the dead. That's what we're talking about here.

Of note is that, according to author Rob Larrikin, both Ishizuka and Stephens have scrubbed their social media of pictures etc. It seems that many people didn't like that they lied about Dr. Seuss like that.


Joe in PNG said...

To steal from elsewhere, is there ever an occasion from history where the people trying to ban books wind up as the good guys?

The Phantom said...

I can't think of one Joe. They do seem impervious to reason though, don't they?

Reziac said...

I notice too that never does anyone confirm that the supposed offense actually occurred; they just take the screeching mob's word for it, and hasten to abase themselves.

"To steal from elsewhere, is there ever an occasion from history where the people trying to ban books wind up as the good guys?"

Saw that when The Mighty Buzzard was using it as a tagline; where did you find it?