Friday, November 08, 2019

Government can't even deal drugs.

From our bulging Government Failures file, a new entry: cannabis.

Love it or hate it, cannabis is a legal product in Canada. For medial purposes and for "recreational" use.

To be honest, "recreational" is a euphemism for people getting stoned at home. The nature of high-THC cannabis and regulation is that if you imbibe, as it were, you're not going to be in a "social drinker" type situation where you go to the bar and sample the fancy Scotch with friends. Weed doesn't really work that way. And of course, obviously, Health Canada has made it illegal to consume cannabis in any form at a public place. So, no smoking weed at your favorite bar, no weed brownies, no nothing. Stay home, get stoned and crash in front of the television. Sounds super fun, right?

But cannabis legalization was none the less supposed to bring with it a HUGE tax bonanza and make all kinds of people amazingly rich. Remember the cannabis stocks soaring in the market? Big things were ahead!

But now, the reality let-down.

The latest figures from Health Canada showed that as of March 31, while monthly sales of dried cannabis amounted to 7,627 kilograms, there was 30,802 kilograms of finished inventory and 143,773 kilograms of unfinished inventory in the system.

Sounds ominous, right? Sounds like they made a booboo. But what does "finished" mean vs. "unfinished"?

Meanwhile, BMO Capital Markets analysts Tamy Chen and Peter Sklar on Wednesday warned that some "unfinished inventory," defined as cannabis that is not packaged, labelled or ready for sale, may not be deemed as "not competitive" for sale on the market, based on discussions with licensed producers.

It means that in a market that moves roughly eight and a half tons of weed a month, they are sitting on 158 tons of it that's just baled up and another 34 tons that are bagged, tagged and ready to ship. Two years worth of inventory, basically.

Big problem, weed doesn't last two years. It needs to be fresh. Not sure if even cannabis oil lasts that long. It might, but after two years its getting to its sell-by date.

But how did the producers get here? Are they idiots? No they're not. Growing cannabis is extremely technical and difficult.  But someone is.

Enter... the government. Up until the election last year, the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, aka the LCBO of weed, was designated to be the SOLE PROVIDER of cannabis in Ontario. Where the most people in Canada live, not to put too fine a point on it. This monstrosity was set up by the Liberal Party of Ontario under the leadership of the Mad Librarian Kathleen Wynne. It was supposed to be an Internet-based retailer to move cannabis, and it was a monopoly.

They managed to lose $42 million dollars in a year. With a MONOPOLY. And they managed to bottleneck the sales of cannabis so badly that there's a two-year backlog of inventory sitting in storage rooms around the country. Because the producers are hostage to the monopoly retailer.

I keep hearing news that there's going to be hundreds of new cannabis stores coming to Ontario. I keep wondering how those stores are going to rent retail space and pay employees ($15/hr minimum wage, friends!) when their margin is going to be between 2% and 8%. I think it would be difficult to run a hot-dog cart at 8% margin. They're going to end up being t-shirt and novelty shops that keep some weed next to the cash register.

Maybe the Weed-CBO monopoly is safe. Only a crown corporation can lose $45 million bucks in a year and call it a success.

Dear Liberals and other socialists, these incompetent government assholes who can't even make a go of selling drugs are the ones you think should be running everything. What the hell is wrong with you people?

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