Monday, May 06, 2019

Sri Lanka: first ever recorded -actual- anti-Mooselimb "backlash."

There's always a lot of loose talk after a Ram-a-Van event, a suicide bombing, a mass shooting, mass knifing or other typical atrocity where "some people did something." The media are very, very careful not to "jump to conclusions," to the point where they generally speculate that the culprit was a White Supremacist. But the unenlightened knuckle-dragging set (also know as anyone not in the media) is darkly rumbling that the culprit probably faces a certain direction five times a day, so the media goes into high gear to prevent a "backlash."

Given the evidence of what actually happens in Canada, the backlash they're afraid of is the occasional frown of disapproval, and the occasional harsh word on the Interwebz.

Dear people of the media and Leftist morons everywhere, I'd like to introduce you to the notion that frowns and strong language do not constitute a backlash.

Two people have been arrested in a Sri Lankan town after Christians attacked Muslim shops.

Residents say the mostly-Catholic mob stoned and vandalised Muslim-owned businesses in the seaside town of Negombo, where a suicide bombing targeted a Catholic church last month.

Social media was shut down and extra troops deployed onto the streets and hundreds were reportedly involved in violence over the weekend.

You can tell that Mooselimb terrorists are not really taken very seriously most places by what happens afterward. "Some people did some things" on 9/11/2001, but even though we knew who the culprits were by 9/14/2001, Americans rightly assumed that it was no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Sucks to be you, Mooselimb terrorists.

Conversely when "Easter worshipers" do some things, that's enough to get the government of Sri Lanka to shut down social media and start arresting people. Because when the Easter Worshipers start shit, that's going to be some serious shit.


Anonymous said...

Muslims Fear Backlash for Tomorrow's Terrorist Attack.

The Phantom said...

Mooselimb terrorists only ever strike from behind, and they only ever attack people who can't fight back. They are sniveling back-shooters without the guts for a stand-up fight.

Orvan Taurus said...

They face, or will eventually face, the Great Problem - they people they are targeting have great, but not infinite patience and when the fuse FINALLY burns all the way to the charge, they will be not A, but THE, PROBLEM. And PROBLEMS get SOLVED. Not "managed" SOLVED. SOLVED problems STAY solved. It will be ugly, but if the only way to peace is a desert, desert there will be.

The Phantom said...

"...if the only way to peace is a desert, desert there will be."

How does that phrase go? "A self-lit glass parking lot the size of Texas."

That's kind of my point. Americans take the Russians seriously. They take the Chinese seriously. The Japanese, the English, the Germans, even the slime-ball North Koreans. There's all kinds of strategic plans in place to deal with those guys.

They took Iraq seriously. For about two weeks.

A bunch of toothless hillbillies in Ashcanistan, not so much. Nobody is actually afraid of those assholes. They're dirtbags and not worth wasting a missile on.