Monday, April 08, 2019

More militants attacking farms.

More violent assholes attacking a farm, this one in Australia.

A family-owned cafe has been forced to close its doors and leave staff jobless after they were relentlessly abused by vegan animal activists for months on end.

The Gippy Goat Café in the small Victorian town of Yarragon, about 110km south-east of Melbourne, closed its doors for the final time on Sunday, claiming they could no longer stand the abuse.

Owners John and Penny Gommans said they have been targeted for months. 

They claim tensions have only gotten worse since activists broke into their farm and stole three goats last December.

That's at least break-and-enter plus theft and property damage. According to the Gommans, the authorities declined to prosecute said well organized, well funded violent assholes. Read the whole thing, its revolting.

Coming soon to a town near you in Canada, unless we vote out the Liberals.

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