Saturday, December 29, 2018

IRS is very well armed.

Mid-Christmas week news, the IRS has a -lot- of guns and a -lot- of ammunition.

The Internal Revenue Service had in its weapons inventory 4,487 guns and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition as of late 2017, according to a report published this month by the Government Accountability Office.
Included in this arsenal, according to the GAO, were 15 "fully automatic firearms" and 56,000 rounds of ammunition for those fully automatic firearms.
The same report--"Federal Law Enforcement: Purchases and Inventory Controls of Firearms, Ammuntion, and Tactical Equipment"--says that the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services had 194 fully automatic firearms and 386,952 rounds of ammunition for those fully automatic firearms.
That's because they have armed officers, and many of these departments have a SWAT team. Full time SWAT teams exist in the Dept. of Education, HHS, HUD, all kinds of alphabet soup departments have them. Not absolutely certain that IRS has a SWAT team, but it would not surprise me to hear that they did. They certainly have M-16 rifles and shotguns, so that's a SWAT setup right there.

Just thought y'all ought to know. ~:D

The Phantom

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Robin Munn said...

The plot of Tom Kratman's A State of Disobedience (available free in the Baen Free Library) revolves around a U.S. President ordering those armed executive agencies to go do some un-Constitutional things. Texas takes issue with that and secedes, and that kicks off the plot. Quite a fun book; I read it years ago and don't remember too many other details of the plot, but I do remember having a blast reading it.

The Phantom said...

That's a great story, Robin.

The USA politically seems to be skating pretty close to open water these days, but only in comparison to times past. Overall, things are pretty good.

Canada, by contrast, we're firmly in the grip of a socialist faction that counts human life lower than rattlesnakes and polar bears. And they're bad at arithmetic, so they do things like shitting down the "Dirty Oil Industry" out West in Alberta without realizing what's going to happen to the Canadian economy. They really think everybody will be able to make a living at McDonalds and Starbucks.

Next election promises to be ... a huge nothingburger. The Conservatives will win, they will not roll-back any of the Liberal insanity, they will bore us all to death for eight years, and then the Liberals will win again and fuck us up more.

Kind of like Europe but with better snowmen.

Anonymous said...

What is scary is that Trump hasn't shut this Government thuggery. None of those branches of Government need to be armed. That is what the Police and FBI are for. Dept. of Education is armed? WTF????

The Phantom said...

Yeah, DOE is armed, along with the IRS, Dept. of Energy, HUD, HHS, etc.

Because people are stupid. They must be controlled.

When that's your bedrock belief about human nature, then every government official becomes a spear carrier in your national police force.