Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Orangutan extinction: blame Kellogg's!!!

Are there any greater liars than Greenies? I have my doubts.

Cadbury bars and Oreos are among products from TWELVE companies driving orangutans to the 'brink of extinction' with the use of palm oil.

Long story short, the Daily Mail has a story that the poor Orangutans of Indonesia are having all their forests chopped down to grow palm oil plants.

Which is true. Palm oil plantations are growing at a huge rate in the tropics. It's a very big deal.

The lie is blaming American and European food companies for this growth. Edible oil is available from a large number of sources. Corn, flax, sunflowers, those are all grown industrially right here in Ontario. World-wide there's plenty of vegetable oil to eat. Big food companies use palm oil because it is the cheapest, not the best. Food consumption of palm oil is a tiny fraction of the overall production.

Why is palm oil so cheap, and why is so much of it produced?

Bio diesel.

Who caused that to happen?


Will they come clean and admit that burning food oils in our cars is fucking insanity?


They will blame Big Business for something Big Business has resisted for 40 years, since it was first proposed. They will do this because they are pusillanimous liars.

May their trousers burst into flame. At the gas station.
The Phantom

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Sam L. said...

Kinda like making ethanol out of corn to burn in cars and trucks, rather than for eating.

Tim Wohlford said...

Is this where I point out that leftist causes often clash? This biofuel thing 10 years ago followed closely the witch hunt over "big ag" and "GMO's".

Snorri Godhi said...

The way i see it, any oil that has significantly more poly-unsaturated fat (%) than olive oil, is poison. Poison for the body, and poison for the brain.

Corn, flax, and sunflower oils all have much more polyunsaturated fat than olive oil, or palm oil.

That's not to say that orangutans do not have my sympathy!

The Phantom said...

Exactly like that. And thew alcohol f-s your fuel system too.

Anonymous said...



"Unfortunately for Neste, which wants to be to biodiesel what Nokia is to mobile phones, the proprietary process has also attracted attention from a formidable foe, the mere mention of which can cause large companies to tremble with fear—Greenpeace.

The international environmental organization strongly objects to Neste's use of palm oil, which stems from Southeast Asian rainforests.

Greenpeace is asking people "not to fill their tanks with rainforest." "

The Phantom said...

Dear Anonymous, you brave soul.

Why is biodiesel even a thing? Why, for that matter, is there alcohol in gasoline? Why is so much food in the world turned into fuel? To the point where it drives the prices up and the poor starve in some places?


So they can pretend to be all noble and saving the rainforest, but they're not. They are disgusting shit heels.