Saturday, March 31, 2018

Safe Shorts: for when you have no gun.

Gun control and immigration working well in Germany. Seen first at Small Dead Animals, Safe Shorts!

A woman in Germany has created anti-rape shorts, which began as a personal project after she was attacked while out running.

There are two types of Safe Shorts – underpants and running shorts – and both are made from slash and tear-resistant material, and have a lock as well as an alarm.

The shorts are fastened with a cut-resistant cord, which is attached to the waist or pelvic area (depending on which style you have), and then secured with a clip that has a coded padlock.

You can access this padlock in seconds with the code, but if someone else tampers with it, a 140 decibel alarm sounds.

The wearer also has the option of setting the alarm off themselves, should they feel threatened.

The shorts come in black, but you get a choice of lock colours.

The shorts were created by Sandra Seilz from Germany, who was attacked by three men while out running.

Turning personal tragedy, governmental breakdown and societal collapse into a business opportunity! Safe Shorts! For when the government won't let you protect yourself from rapists, the private sector has a solution! Wrap your nether regions in kevlar running pants. Because that will totally work, right?

But hey, at least she's making an attempt, within the obscenely small space left to her by EuroLeftists. Top marks for trying.

I like this bit farther down in the article.

Of course, in an ideal world, men would learn not to rape, and women could go about their lives without fear of being violated.

However, we don't live in an ideal world – not even close – and until these men learn to view women as human beings and not objects, it makes sense that women should want to take preventative measures in high risk situations.

You can exercise your right to not be raped all you want, but it doesn't mean you're safe.

Reminds me of something I said once.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Crikey. Chastity Belts 2.0, by the feminists themselves!
This is right up there with silver-impregnated underpants, protecting your junk from ebil WiFi radiation and werewolves.

"Slash and tear".
Slash/tear fabrics don't automatically protect against cut damage, which is what the rapist will try for IRL.
Also, high-end slash + tear + cut damage clothes involves chain mail with an underlayer and/or armor plates. I really, really don't want to see a land whale in a chain mail bikini...

The Phantom said...

I assumed they'd go for some ballistic nylon, maybe a bit of kevlar. Going full Red Sonya with the chain-mail bikini, why not top it off with the sword, and a dirk to counterbalance the super-butch leather sword baldric?

I might agree that young ladies buying the 3XL size might be indulging more in wishful thinking than realistic defense... but that would be crass and unfeeling. ~:D

Zsuzsa said...

This feels like the Maid Marian gag in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." We're seriously putting women in chastity belts in order to keep them safe in a Western city in the 21st Century?

I guess I agree with the woman who says that it's better to stay safe than to loudly proclaim your rights while being attacked, but the fact that women apparently feel the need to wear armor and have "personal" alarm systems ought to suggest to even the Eurocrats that something is rotten in the State of Germany...

The Phantom said...

Hi Zsuzsa,

The problem with Eurocrats is that they don't care that women have to wear armor. If they cared a single damn, something would be done.

That communication is being received loud and clear by European citizens, judging by the movement of people into "right wing" populist political parties.

But I fear it may actually be worse than that they don't care, here in Canada at least. Judging by the pronouncements of our betters in the Ivory Tower and dizzying heights of the governmental Mandarinate, they may actually be doing this to -punish- the recalcitrant masses.

The Secretary of the Writers Union

Has leaflets distributed in the Stalinalle

Stating that the people

Had forfeited the confidence of the government

And could win it back only

By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier

In that case for the government

To dissolve the people

And elect another?

Bertold Brecht 1953

Brecht wrote that as a protest against the Communists. Here we are, 65 years later, and the sons of bitches are actually trying to -do- it. "Won't vote for us? Fine, we will flood you out with people who will."

This is because Lefties are people who fundamentally misunderstand the nature of civilization. It takes WORK to make a civilization function, and you can -break- it too. Get enough jerkoffs who refuse to work at keeping things civilized, and you get barbarism. See South Africa for today's example.