Sunday, April 30, 2017

Humor at Yale? Yes!

I noticed the other day that the SJW brigade at Yale was having a "hunger strike" out in front of some building there for some (presumably idiotic) reason that only an SJW would understand.

Yale University graduate students are holding a tag-team hunger strike to demand a union contract, with plans to send in fresh strikers to replace members who become too hungry.

Eight members of Local 33—UNITE HERE, a newly formed union representing graduate student-teachers, started the hunger strike Tuesday after preparing their stomachs for several days beforehand by only eating vegetables, fruits, and eventually, just liquids.

Now, the words "hunger strike" are in quotes because this is a tag-team hunger strike. When you get hungry you can tap out, and somebody else will step in to not-eat while you go get a burger.

But none of the four student-teachers the Independent interviewed said they were willing to risk hospitalization. If not eating endangers a student's health, that individual will sub out and another union member will assume their place in renouncing meals — a moveable fast, if you will.

That in and of itself is funny. But the Yale Republicans club found comedy GOLD among the humorless snowflakes:

I don't know what's more shocking to me. That Yale has Republicans or that someone at Yale has a sense of humor.

Who knew?

The guy who tweeted this out was hard-pressed to find the funny.

But I find it all manner of hilarious.

They set up a real barbecue fundraiser in front of the fake hunger strike.

You're welcome!  ~:D

The Laughing Phantom

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Anonymous said...

That's great. I mean, so the hunger strikers don't have to go far to get a meal and are sooner ready to join he fast again. Ingenious!