Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hugo Awards: Politics wins!

The Hugo Awards were given last night, and this morning there is much rejoicing among the cognoscenti: they beat the Puppies! Noah Ward is happy today.

Not that awesome books were read, not that the award went to the most awesome thing, not how great was that thing that dude put in that story. Nope. They Beat The Puppies. They managed a shutout. They all got together and closed ranks, excluding the odious interlopers.

That's what the Hugo Awards are all about now. Beating the Puppies. AKA Exclusion.

Oh, and grimdark torture fic. The Fifth Season is officially "The finest in SF/F for 2015." An attack on the moral corpus of the reader, a hideous brainfuck of a book, a socialist meme attack masquerading as art, and something I would never willingly subject myself to. As usual.

Congratulations on your victory, WorldCon voters.

The Phantom

1 comment:

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

@voxday had a wonderful internet conference during the Hugos.
Good thing to come out of it--the puppies have moved the
crown from the Hugos to the Dragon awards, and have rendered
the Hugos so toxic they'll never recover.

Not that that will stop any puppies from peeing on rugs next year.