Tuesday, May 03, 2016

US militia is on the border.

Here's a story about a group of volunteers patrolling the border down by Nogales Mexico.

Nogales, Arizona is more than 1,600 miles from Birmingham, Ala. In many ways, the two cities are completely different. However, they share one very important problem: they've both been impacted by the trade of illicit drugs, most notably heroin. Last year, heroin-related deaths were up by about 150 percent in Jefferson County, according to law enforcement officials. Heroin has been called an "epidemic" across our state by drug prevention groups. While not all of that product comes from Mexico, a large portion of drugs that make their way to Birmingham have been trafficked from out of the country.
In this way, what happens on the border has had a big impact on Birmingham. The drug trade is part of the catalyst for the creation of the Border Keepers of Alabama. It's a group of a few dozen men and women with the stated goal of preventing drugs and people from passing illegally through the border with Mexico. The organization, which calls itself "BOA" for short, has been met with criticism and praise. Critics call them vigilantes and racists, bent on preventing immigration into the United States. Supporters call them patriots and heroes, intent on doing the job Border Patrol agents have trouble doing alone--enforcing the law.

To put this into a Canadian perspective: If I thought it would behoove me to head down to Niagara Falls and hunt for violent drug traffickers crossing over from New York State, because my town was filling up with dead junkies, I would have already long since come to the conclusion that my government was essentially -absent- from it's responsibilities of securing the border and keeping the general peace.

Here in my area we do have some occasionally violent gang members, who like to demonstrate, burn tires and make a bloody nuisance of themselves. For ther purposes of this discussion it doesn't matter who they are, but we all know who I'm talking about. This gang's money comes from cigarette smuggling, mostly. Their continued success is due to having made a Special Deal with the provincial government of Ontario. The Liberals find it convenient to look the other way, because it's good Multicultural politics not to stomp on criminals of a visible minority. Liberals these days feel that they live or die on multiculturalism, so they let the agitators agitate and they let the smugglers smuggle. It's not such a big deal, in the grand scheme of things.

For me as a resident of the area, it remains a minor inconvenience. I adjust my choice of routes to drive on when the idiots act up, it's all good. Because even though the cops aren't busting these clowns for the variety of regulations they're breaking, whereas I'd get busted in a hot second, it doesn't really matter. Regulations on smokes are taxes, these clowns are tax dodgers. No skin off my nose.

But if they start showing up armed on my front lawn, that's another thing entirely. If they start infiltrating the countryside from across the border and casing my place for possible robbery EVERY DAY, that's not something I'm going to be able to put up with.

Because that means the cops no longer are doing what they are paid to do, which is KEEP THE PEACE. If there's armed drug cartel assholes traipsing through my yard every night, the peace is not being kept.

That's where y'all are this year in the Southern USA. The Border Patrol isn't patrolling the border. A bunch of vets from Alabama is doing it.

And yet the chattering classes still wonder why Trump is cleaning up in the Republican primaries.

My worry about Trump is not that he's a racist. I'm concerned he's talking a bunch of shit about building that wall. Because if he is, there will be a real, live shooting war along that border in the next couple of years, fought by non-government forces. It'll be the drug dealers vs. the American Patriots. That's how revolutions get started.


Alyric said...

I very strongly suspect Trump is talking shit about building a wall - mostly because his entire focus is on a wall.

Now don't get me wrong - a wall is a good first step, though I confess to worrying that it's also a good first step to keeping your own population IN (e.g., the Berlin Wall). But if that's the beginning and end of your border plan, you're a fool that doesn't realize ladders and shovels exist. I mean, let's face it - they're already digging tunnels, even without a wall. Border control is going to require some serious money and a lot of manpower - ARMED manpower, freed of restrictions to shoot back when they are (inevitably) attacked by heavily armed drug smugglers or slave traders.

I'd prefer President Cruz - not because I think he's the best choice (he's not), but because I'm SLIGHTLY more willing to accept his conservative credentials than Trump's. At least Cruz has maintained a conservative record during his short stay in Congress; it only took Rubio a few months to backstab his constituents. At this point, though, to call Cruz a long shot is probably overestimating his chances.

One thing's for sure; the next few years are going to be interesting. Unfortunately, it's going to be 'interesting' in the Chinese proverb sense, I fear.

The Phantom said...

According to Drudge, Cruz is out. Given some of the dick moves he's pulled in his campaign with delegates, I can't say I'm sad to see him out.

I'm less concerned about Trump than I was about Obama. That guy has achieved every bad thing we all said he was going to do, and then some.

For Trump to be worse, he'd need the cooperation of the bureaucracy. He's not going to get that. Everything he wants, he'll have to fight for tooth and nail with the FBI and all the other agencies gunning for him the whole time.

That said, he's yet another Big Government liberal. I don't expect great things. But at least he can beat the Hildebeast and Stalinist Bernie Saunders, so that's a nightmare I don't have to sweat.