Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pendulums have a back swing too. Coachella: No Espanol!

A reporter from The Desert Sun/USA Today views with alarm the reaction of kids at Coachella to people singing in Spanish. (Hint, they didn't like it.)


Coachella is rich in its cultural diversity. Bands from all over the world hit the stage and festivalgoers have all kinds of culinary options from burgers and French fries to Pad Thai and tacos.

Which is why I never imagined that I would experience such blatant racism in what could be considered a cultural Mecca.

"I didn't pay $350 to hear them sing," one girl told her friend.

Other people in the crowd were saying they were uncomfortable and yelling "No EspaƱol!" or "Stop singing please!"

I understand that people sometimes feel uncomfortable when they can't understand what people are saying in big crowds. But why is it that a group of people singing a song in Spanish is met with such animosity? Do people feel threatened when other cultures make themselves known in mostly white, English-speaking events? Is it OK for white girls to wear bindis and white men to wear kimonos but not OK for a group of Hispanic concertgoers to sing a song to pass the time in between sets?

The one comment that took the cake for me was after one person suggested that the crowd start singing another song to quiet down the Spanish speakers.

"Yeah, let's sing the National Anthem," a girl responded.

Scolds like Mr. Bastidas need to take a step back when they see stuff like this and appreciate that in America, people are not down with the invasion. They do not like that their schools and towns are -suddenly- getting mobbed by hundreds or thousands of strangers who look and act different.

I will add that people in Germany are not down with the sudden influx of Middle Easter types either. They didn't vote for this, or so they think.

It doesn't matter that the New People are Mexican or Muslim. It matter that they are New. Nobody likes New.

People don't generally understand how fragile the peace they see around them really is. Human beings have a mean streak a mile wide, most people don't need much of an excuse to take a swing at your head. That's the Ground State of Humanity: Mean.

So when governments decide, for reasons which are not at all apparent to the public, to have a mass migration of MILLIONS of New People, and they tell us all to basically shut the hell up and like it, tempers get hot. Kids decide to start shit up at Coachella.

My objection to the Multi-Culti fixation has never been that I'm all afeared of different cultures, different faces, different food. Personally I'm all about the different stuff. Canada is boring as watching paint dry, we needed some new kids to shake stuff up.

No, my fear has been that the government never knows when enough is enough, and what started as a good thing is going to get to be a Bad Thing very fast.

When you pressure a population, they fight back. Mostly because humans like fighting, but also to protect themselves and what's theirs. Our nice calm and peaceful land could get ugly overnight, just from the likes of Mr. Bastidas telling National Anthem Girl from the story to shut up. She's not going to shut up, she's going to get her boyfriend to kick your ass, is what's going to happen.

The transition from peaceful coexistence to warring factions is a short one.

The Phantom

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