Thursday, July 02, 2015

The true face of our enemy.

Somebody sent me this excellent Bill Whittle piece today, which covers the massively racist history of the American DemocRat Party. Mr. Whittle lays it down and sets it on fire. Its awesome.

Problem is, IT DOESN'T MATTER. My brain works fine, I remember all this shit.
Now, here's an interesting thing. In -Canada-, nobody remembers the one major thing we did that was worse than the Americans, which was the internment of Japanese and Germans in WWII. Tens of thousands of Japanese Canadians (and German Canadians!) got chucked in camps after 1941, and they fucking well stayed there until 1949. They lost everything, property, houses, furniture, the lot. The government flat out stole it and sold it, and they never saw a dime of it.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a DemocRat, did this in the USA, and the Supreme Court slapped his peepee for it.
Franky Baby.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, a LIBERAL, did it in Canada and nobody said jack shit about it. Nobody ever mentions the words "Liberal Party" and "Japanese Internment" in the same breath. Ever. You look at the Wikipedia page on this subject, the word "Liberal" does not appear until half way down the page, and is seen only one single time on the whole page.

Billy Mac.

Socialists are the ones who always start the death camps, Capitalists are the ones who pay to clean up the skeletons afterward. Brian Mulroney, a CONSERVATIVE, finally apologized for this purely Canadian LIBERAL atrocity and paid reparations to those internees still living.
Facts do not matter a tinker's damn. This is a smoke and mirror campaign. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I will go further, and say that the ruling Republicans are fully on-side with the DemocRats, and they all get their money from the same pot. This last couple of months has both sides kicking the ball at the same goal as hard as they can, and the US Supreme Court is out there beside them in the black robes kicking away too.

Because, given that the NSA records every fucking thing, don't you think they've got John Boehner's phone calls to his under-age boytoys, or whatever insane shit that guy is into? See Denny Hastert for clarification, right? Turns out Billy Clinton was a paragon of virtue next to Denny "Wild Thing" Hastert.

I've got five bucks says they are ALL like that. I bet you ever single one of those ranking Republican knobs is in that job solely for the perve-perks. They've got an illegal pervy itch, and the only way they can scratch it is to own the law. Under-age brothels, bath house play time, who the fuck knows what kind of perverse shit they get up to? I'm 100% sure I do not -want- to know, it would probably be one of those things that just knowing about it makes you feel dirty for the rest of your life.

I really don't want to know, Barry. Really.

Its not Republicans vs. Democrats anymore. Not now. Now, I am of the opinion that it is Dem-Publicans vs. the American Population. Republi-Crats vs. mom and apple pie and church on Sunday. I don't even go to church on Sunday, and it pisses me off the way they attack Christianity at every turn. Christianity is the biggest thing in their way, just like Stalin and Mao.

And you know what? The Liberals and the DemocRats are going to do it again. Let the insane fucks that are ISIS light off a nuke someplace, and the Liberals will chuck every fucking Mooselimb in Canada into concentration camps in the Yukon. In a heartbeat.

Because Liberals are cowardly, corrupt, back-shooting, sexually perverted murderers of the innocent.

There's a federal election coming up in Canada. Just to make things perfectly crystal clear for y'all, a vote for the Shiny Pony Liberals is a vote for marching Mooselimbs to internment camps. Because that's what they're going to do the second it is politically expedient to do so. Which may be pretty soon.

But he has such nice hair!

I know there's lots of IDIOTS out there who like to call me a racist because I say "Mooselimbs", and because I don't kowtow to the "Religion Of Peace" multi-culti bullshit that the Ministry of Love broadcasts from its mega-manure spreader the CBC.
But let me tell you flatly, micro-aggressing  hatey hating red-neck hater though I may very well be, mocker of the Religion Of Pieces though I certainly am, I am not about to vote for marching women, kids and old people into camps for any reason, ever.

This is not a birthday party.
Deport Mooselimb immigrant criminals? Sure. Eject forever guys who sign up to fight for ISIS? Absolutely.  Kill ISIS wankers on the battlefield as hard and fast as possible? Oh yeah. BECAUSE THEY ASKED FOR IT. Stop importing more Mooselimb goat herders? Good idea, they hate it here. Its cold.

Round up and send to camps people from the wrong religion? Nuh uh. I leave that shit to Liberals . You assholes never disappoint.

The Phantom


big al 55 said...

+And that's the best attitude....Lot's of Muslim's here who do want their families to have a chance to grow up without getting blown up or starved or beheaded or whatever. I would like to see immigrants here have to settle in a small town for the first few years too, instead of clustering in a couple of big cities and never really integrating into western society.

The Phantom said...

I would like to see us importing immigrants that we don't have to worry about what they do once they get here, or where they live. Bossing people and telling them where they must live is kinda Soviet.