Friday, June 05, 2015

Ontario legislates mental health treatment away.

With great approval from the Toronto (Red) Star, the province of Ontario bans "Conversion Therapy" for children.

Ontario has passed a landmark law banning so-called "conversion therapy" on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children and preventing medical practitioners from billing OHIP for it. The legislation proposed by New Democrat MPP Cheri DiNovo won unanimous support from all three parties at Queen's Park on Thursday, in time for Pride week, which begins June 19.  It's the first law of its kind in Canada and goes further than conversion therapy bans in several U.S. states by including protection for the transgender community.

Just to make this clear, if your little boy at some point decides he is a girl, the government has declared he IS a girl and there's nothing you will be allowed to do about it so long as you live in Ontario. The child can have his dick cut off at government expense, but having a professional therapist try to talk him out of it is now officially illegal.

Might want to sit and let that sink in for a second.

Kate McMillan has the ultimate bon mot on this subject: "Transgender surgery is the lobotomy of our generation." 

It has been noted that transgender patients kill themselves at a much greater rate than gays do, and gays kill themselves much more often than straights. It must be pointed out that the victims of gender reassignment surgery kill themselves at DOUBLE the rate of pre-op transsexuals. That's what your provincial government has decided is acceptable and shall be the policy going forward. I think it would be cheaper to issue a pistol with one bullet in it to every kid who thinks they're the opposite sex.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Conversion Therapy is all that. Being charitable it has a spotty record of success and has been known to degenerate into simple torture in the hands of a few practitioners who were clearly mental themselves. But not always. Sometimes it works.

That is why the LGBQTCIAFBI lobby hates it. You take a perfectly good potential gay sex partner and turn them straight so they can have a family like all the other straight breeder types, that's just horrible. You take a boy who thinks he's a girl and convince him that no, he's actually a boy, and he grows up and gets married and has his own family... this is a crime against Nature.

One more medical service you have to drive to Buffalo to get, ho hum.

By the way, just like every other week, this week a huge massive breakthrough about the function and anatomy of the brain was revealed. The brain has lymphatic vessels.

"All the textbooks said there were not supposed to be any lymphatic vessels in that area," said Louveau, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Virginia. But after he and UVA neuroscientist Jonathan Kipnis ran a battery of tests, they discovered Louveau had been right. "It was exactly what we thought it couldn't be," Louveau said. The elusive lymphatic vessel hid in plain sight, throughout decades of research, because it was very small and tucked behind a major blood vessel.

IF this is true and IF the brain really does have lymphatic vessels, it opens an entire new universe of possible causation for mental illness among other things. Given a complete lymphatic system in the brain, which science to this point has said didn't exist, the transexual condition could be a virus.

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