Friday, May 13, 2011

Liberal propaganda machine in full turbo-nitrous mode.

Over at Borque Newswatch the Liberal media are absolutely FREAKING OUT that PC leader Tim Hudak opened his mouth.  Oh baby, the outrage.  You could spread it on toast.  (Note, Mr. Borque sells coverage to the highest bidder.  In this case, the Liberals.)

The Toronto (Red) Star:
Tearing up a 20-year deal worth $7 billion of private sector investment, 16,000 jobs and 2,500 megawatts of green power is bad energy policy and shortsighted economic policy. So, too, is getting rid of the preferential rates paid to jumpstart other solar and wind energy projects, something else Hudak vows to do.
The Windsor (Red) Star:
Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak's pledge to scrap the $7-billion Samsung green energy deal was like a hammer to the head for Windsor and Essex County. 
Local 2 in Sault St. Marie:

Tim Hudak to Scrap Green Energy Programs and Return to Dirty Coal Fired Power

Hudak's reckless and short-sighted plan will threaten thousands of jobs in Ontario's clean energy industry, including jobs in Sault Ste. Marie at Heliene Solar, Elementa, Brookfield Renewable Power Wind Farm and the Starwood Solar Power energy farm. And Hudak's plan is already causing significant concern among investors who are hoping to open alternative energy businesses that would create and support thousands of jobs in Northern Ontario.

Meanwhile, most people who live outside the favored  "green jobs" zones have "STOP the wind turbines!"  signs on their street like I do.  Or they know somebody who fell for the solar panel scam and now can't recoup their $50K-$100K investment in solar panels because Ontario Hydro decided not to hook them up to the grid.  Because the wire running past their house is too small, and it would MELT every time the sun came out.  Duh.

There was another guy in history who pulled something like this Green Energy Initiative in his own country.  His name was Mao Tse Tung, and he decided that China could become the steel-making capital of the world if everybody put a little smelter in their back yard and made steel in it. He called it the Great Leap Forward.  Seems that it didn't end well.

Dalton McGuinty seeks to do the same thing, end our "dependence" on "dirty coal fired power" by putting a solar panel or a windmill in every back yard between Niagara Falls and Hudson's Bay. Power will cost ten times as much of course, but it'll be "green" and we'll be "energy independent". Awesome.

Of the two men, I think McGuinty may end up viewed by history as the baser scoundrel.  Mao's Great Leap Forward may have killed 48 million Chinese people by starvation, but Mao reportedly did the whole thing because he was honestly convinced it was going to work.  The same cannot be said of McGuinty, who was most definitely told hooking windmills and solar panels to Ontario's rickety, busted old power grid was a dangerously stupid idea. 

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