Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who's to blame here, really though?

Of late there has been some news about the Mohawk Warrior Smuggling Society. The smugglers are supposed to be getting an apology from the Canadian Forces.
The Canadian Forces is preparing an official apology for listing the Mohawk Warrior Society as a potentially violent insurgent group in a draft [of a counter insurgency] manual in 2006.
Given the observed facts about the Smuggling Society and their antics in Caledonia since they invaded the Douglas Creek Estates land, plus what's going down in Cornwall area, this seems insane. They -are- a violent insurgent group, there's no "potentially" about it.

I have an explanation of the insanity here. Recently the Six Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy. was given permission to hunt deer in the Dundas Conservation Area and a couple more conservation areas near Hamilton, after being caught and unceremoniously booted off last year for "exercising their treaty rights". One guy made the call.

Hamilton Conservation Authority boss Steve Miazga says he believes Six Nations natives have a right to hunt deer on conservation lands, and that he alone made the decision to close public trails in the interest of public safety while native hunters "cull" deer until Dec. 31.

"My conclusion is that they have these treaty rights," Miazga, the conservation authority's chief administrative officer, said Monday.

As of a couple days ago Mr. Steve Miazga is in some serious hot water over this, since people discovered armed men hunting deer in the PARK. Its a park, y'know. Hikers, joggers, kids on toboggans, the usual park kinda stuff going on. One bureaucrat sticks his neck out? For an illegal deer hunt? Again, this seems insane.

The explanation is, Miazga grasped at the only straw available to him to fix a problem that threatens all the Conservation Authority lands in the Hamilton area: deer.
The fur covered piranha have eaten every green stick in the Conservation Area less than 6 feet off the ground. In the suburbs of Ancaster, deer have gone from the occasional charming midnight visitor to an invading horde of landscaping destroyers. I lived there, the overpopulation is obvious and extreme.
Why? Hunting regulations, obviously. You kill one, you go to jail.
What can the conservation authority's chief administrative officer do about it? NOTHING!!! Regulations. Catch 22.
Meanwhile deer are eating the place. His blather about "poachers" is hilarious. He should be so lucky to have poachers, he needs to cull 100+ animals before spring.
A bunch of race-shakedown artists, members of which have been charged with extortion, make him an offer he can't refuse. "Six Nations Indians" with "treaty rights", this he can sell. He takes the deal! Hence the appearance of insanity.

Who's to blame here?

Pretty much every bureaucrat who has anything to do with regulating hunting in the Hamilton area, that's who. A long list, because it involves city, regional, provincial and federal levels and tax funded NGOs too. They've created a situation where only ORGANIZED CRIME can cut the Gordian Knot for them.
I can't really blame the thugs for taking advantage of the situation. Its like putting a pail full of money beside the road every morning, sooner or later somebody is going to take it.
Without knowing the details of the Canadian Forces apology situation, one can pretty reliably predict that some military desk pilot is grasping at the only straw he's got, just like Miazga.

What we need therefore is a tax cut.
I'm not talking a Laffer Curve, stimulate-the-economy tax cut. I am talking the Four Horsemen of the freakin' Apocalypse kinda tax cut. I'm talking about a famine here. I'm talking about a tax cut so big, so deep, so wide, so all-encompassing that it STARVES OUT the hundreds of thousands of chair-polishing asses who keep this Catch 22 clown circus stumbling along. A tax cut that reduces government employee head counts like the Black Death in 12th C. Europe.
That is the only way out. We do not need better regulation, better oversight, better control. We need -less- of it. A lot less.

Thoughts to think about in the New Year, my friends.

The Phantom

Update: Greetings to Five Feet of Fury readers! Kathy Shaidle is Da Bomb!


Anonymous said...


Do you know that your pseudonym is also the name of one of the earliest and manliest masked superheroes?

Also known as the Ghost who walks, Phantom specializes in delivering knockout punches to his many evil opponents. He also has unerring accuracy, shooting guns out of the hands of the bad guys.

Looks like you have the same characteristics!

Best wishes,

Another Infidel

Man with Hat said...

Aside from every Liberal/NDP voter and the officials they have elected since 1968, the one person who should be blamed is Michael Wilson.

been around the block said...

Great commentary here, Phantom. I'm here courtesy of Black Mamba and Kathy Shaidle.

'Think I'll include this link in Reader Tips.

You've explained the unexplainable.

How about a cull of the gubment bureaucrats? GOOD GOD ... everything you've said confirms why I left the federal "civil service" when I still had youth on my side, which still wasn't enough to shield me from the stultifying crappola that went on every day and that cost the taxpayer plenty of moola.

When I quit the feds my dad wrote me and said, " ________, I rejoice with you that you're leaving the civil service, which is neither civil nor service." (How can you tell he was a high school English teacher?!)

The Phantom said...

Greetings dudes, good to hear from y'all.

Anon, yes I do. Thanks. :)

Man with hat, why Michael Wilson particularly? I don't disagree necessarily, I just don't know the guy.

batb, your sanity thanks you for leaving the feds, there's no doubt. A moral person can't function there.

Man with Hat said...

He was the first to be able to stop the landslide of Trudeauopian bureaucrats to infest the civil service. It's just that I'm an old guy who has been around. I met him in the 70's on Bay Street when he was at Dominion Securities. I managed the securities department at Royal Trust.

I moved to Alberta in '79 and felt right at home, leaving behind Trudeau's ten years of lies and Bill Davis' increasing liberalism. Met up with him again during the leadership convention in '83 and when he was made Minister of Finance after the election he promised me he would begin to reduce the bureaucracy and I would see it in his first budget next winter. There was a province wide federal policy conference in Camrose that spring and Mike saw me coming from across the room. Shaking his head as he shook my hand he said I'm sorry Bob, Brian wouldn't let me do it. That sucking sound in my head was the realization that our Liberty "Just watch me!", Freedoms and pocketbooks were about to diminish even further. The Pres of Iron Ore Co wasn't a 'Conservative with Dief' but a Liberal with Paul and Maurice. Another generation into the depths we would go. Wilson should have stood up to Mulroney as far as Conservative government fiscal policy was concerned.

When Harper was in opposition I read the biography of him and it was about that time and maybe at that conference that he became disillusioned with the PCs. I've been a long time back in The East but we all need hope in life and I'm hoping he gets a majority and I'm sure they still say, gets er done!

The Phantom said...

Thanks for that bit of inside baseball MWH, one always wonders -who- the people are that let this shit slide like that.

For your viewing pleasure, I have here a link to the Ottawa Citizen article about how the civil service is being squeezed this year. "Biggest cuts since the 1990's!" they say.

Funny how nobody complained when it was the Liberals doing the cutting in the 90's, eh?