Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Even a blind squirrel finds the odd acorn.

Known for chittering madly and running headlong into every stump and rock in the forest, Sheila Copps is the very Platonic Ideal of a blind squirrel.  Today is a red letter day, for our Sheila has found an acorn.
Nothing makes my blood boil more than to see a parade of so-called experts trashing reductions to the Goods and Services Tax. Having endured the scars of that hated tax a, I welcome any move by any government to listen to the people.
Behold, even Sheila "Tax'em 'till they bleed!" Copps knows the GST is a bad thing, and every reduction in it is a good thing.  Even Sheila understands that the Federal government can't keep jacking up taxes while running record cash surpluses.  Even the Blind Squirrel of Hamilton understands that a party which defends the GST is doomed to destruction.  Somebody phone Dion and McGuinty, tell them their own alumni is firing on them.  Incoming!

Repeat after me everyone:  "There is no such thing as a bad tax cut."

The Over Taxed Phantom


Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with a federal government lowering taxes is that we have two additional levels that will quietly move to raise their taxes to take up the slack. Remember how the City of Toronto and others complained that it would be too "expensive" to "adjust" their fees the last time the GST was lowered? How much do you bet that acorn will be trotted out again?

The Phantom said...

Yes, they will raise provincial and Toronto taxes. Miller is already doing that.

But the nice thing about Toronto tax hikes is, you can move.