Thursday, October 06, 2005

The vast Quagmire of Iraq! Oh noooo Mr. Bill!

Mr. Bill "Oh Nooo!) Clinton, ex-prez and all round good guy, is preaching quagmire to the choir today.
Former President Bill Clinton says Iraq "looks like a quagmire," and estimates "the odds are not great of our prevailing there."

But, speaking for an interview that appears in the November issue of Ladies Home Journal, Clinton qualified his quagmire remark by saying, "It's not Vietnam."

"The reason this is not Vietnam is that 58% of the eligible voters showed up and voted in Iraq," Clinton told the magazine. The South Vietnamese government was "never legitimate" in the eyes of the Vietnamese, he said.

Based on what?  Obviously on the reports of CNN/ABC/NBC/BBC/CBC/CTV/CBS, or as I like to call them, All BS.

Here is an interesting tidbit gleaned from the blogosphere today, courtesy Angry in the Great White North.
The U.S. military has encountered a new type of Sunni insurgent — a largely untrained teenage foreigner. Many such insurgents come from Saudi Arabia and Yemen as well as from such North African states as Algeria and Libya.
The new insurgents still capable of deadly suicide attacks but are much less effective against coalition and Iraqi forces, U.S. commanders said. In many areas of the Sunni Triangle, they are even rejected by the local population.

"The very interesting thing is that the younger foreign fighter that we're seeing now — very poorly trained," said Col. Robert Brown, commander of the U.S. Army 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division. "We would call them more like RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades] for hire."

In an address to a Washington conference, investigative journalist Peter Bergen said foreign fighters launched 91 percent of suicide bomb attacks in Iraq.

"We did face well-trained foreign fighters prior to January elections," Brown said. "We have not faced well-trained foreign fighters since. Since February of this year until now, we have not seen any well-trained, in fact, very poorly trained foreign fighters. So whoever was training them before, I don't know, but apparently they've lost their support and they're not able to train them."

Three guesses as to the identity of the defunct training country.  Starts with an "S", ends with "yria".  Who have now given up the fight.

Yep, the enemy is down to untrained, brainwashed kids.  Quagmire, for sure.

Angry has an interesting idea as to the source of all these brainwashed minions, that being polygamy.  All the more reason to love Martin and the gay marriage crowd for helping dhimmitude come to Canada faster.

The Phantom Quagmire


Zorpheous said...

To bad the facts on the grownd don't jib with your reality.

The Phantom said...

Those would be the "fax" reported by the objective journalists trapped in their hotel rooms, right? The ones that got Katrina spot on.

Just sayin', from the comfort of my easy chair, maybe Mr. Bill might possibly have ulterior motives here, and maybe he might be inclined to maybe hedge the truth a bit.

Like with Monica. "I never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, not one time".

Shake that finger Bill.

Candace said...

"rocket propelled grenades" - good line.

Zorph, quit reading the mainstream reports and go to michaelyon.blogspot, you might be surprised.