Monday, October 10, 2005

Toronto (Red) Star signs on to Brady "Shoot First" scam

Perfect example today of why I like to call the Toronto Star "Pravda".  Here's an article a week late that just swoons over the Brady Center effort to scare people away from Florida.
Canada could become the next frontier in a battle that pits Florida's sunshine and beaches against what some call its burgeoning Wild West mentality and love of the gun.As some 1.9 million snowbirds gear up for their annual pilgrimage southward, one of the nation's premier gun control organizations is taking on the National Rifle Association, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the state's tourism industry over a new state law it has dubbed the "shoot first" legislation. The law allows residents to stand their ground if threatened in their cars or public places, extending their right to use firearms to protect themselves outside their home. Its guiding principle is that no one should have to run from a confrontation — they should be able to shoot instead.
But as I posted a couple of days ago,  even the LA Slimes reports thus:
Despite all the controversy, the law may not have expanded a citizen's rights much at all, said Bruce Colton, a state prosecutor in Fort Pierce who is president of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Assn. At a meeting last winter, Colton said, he and other prosecutors couldn't think of a single instance of a person convicted for using deadly force to protect himself or a family member in the street or anywhere else who would be exonerated by the new law.

"From a practical standpoint, it's not going to change things," he said.
So the Toronto (Red) Star is running a propaganda boost for the Brady Bunch in the guise of a news story.  Standard operating procedure for Pravda.  No wonder then that we have the laws we do, eh?  The Liberals just play along with the pre-existing disinformation campaign and reap the benefits.

The Phantom

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