Monday, October 03, 2005

And now some Canadian media bias.

Well, as y'all know any time firearms charges are laid they have to do the big display of the "arsenal", some poor schmuck has his gun and knife collection spread out over a couple of tables for the local media to tut-tut over and film and take pictures and make up a bunch of nonsense over.

Today something new has been added, by the Toronto (Red) Star:  Under the title "Weapons stockpile seized in Mississauga raid"
Peel Regional Police have arrested a 27-year-old Mississauga man after they seized a cache of weapons last week at an apartment on Arista Way.Police say they were investigating the trafficking of firearms to members of a gang within the Region of Peel.Last Wednesday, police raided an apartment on Arista Way, in the Hurontario and Burnamthorpe Rd. E. area, and seized two revolvers, five rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, 30 replicas/pellet guns, 25 various weapons and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.
In a new over-reaching of moral outrage, the Star has decided that 1000 rounds of mixed calibers, five rifles, two pistols and a shotgun constitute a "stockpile".  I've seen guys show up at the range with more stuff than that for an afternoon's plinking.  I guess arsenal is old hat, now the new lingo is "weapons chache" and "stockpile".


The Phantom


Robert McClelland said...

Look up the word, stockpile, retard. And weapons cache comes straight from the Peel Regional Police department's press release, rube.

The Phantom said...

Gee Robert, you don't think the Peelers would engage in -gasp!- hyperbole to salt the jury pool a bit do you?

No, they would NEVER do that. We can TRUST the government, they are here to help.

Nice manners by the way. You wanna comment here again and not get deleted, behave yourself.