Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The quagmire deepens... for Al Qaeda anyway. ~:D

Here's a lovely Washington Post article regarding an intercepted letter from Ossama's right hand guy to the jerk running things in Iraq's "insurgency".
Al Qaeda's top deputy urged the leader of his Iraq branch in July to prepare for the inevitable U.S. withdrawal by carrying out political as well as military actions, and he lectured him that he risked being shunned by an Islamic world angered over his gruesome and not "palatable" killings of fellow Muslims, according to an intercepted letter released yesterday by the U.S. government.
It would appear things are not going the way Ossama Yo Mamma wants, and he's telling this guy off bigtime.

So much for Senator Kennedy's friggin' quagmire.  So much for the daily BS from the Main Stream Media Morons.  US forces and allies are pinching these people off like a steel press.  I love it!

The Pinchy Phantom

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