Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Missing the point so bad its amazing.

This is a story about the Dunblaine shootings, where one Mr. Thomas Hamilton killed 16 little kids and a teacher one day for no apparent reason.  The article is an attempt to point fingers of blame at all and sundry who had anything to do with the school or Mr. Hamilton.

The article is 100% wrong.  It is in fact so incredibly, stupidly wrong as to be beyond accident and off into propaganda territory. 

Mr. Hamilton was a typical loner with a faintly suspected taste for little boys.  The cops had nothing on him, social services had nothing, school board had nothing.  He was in debt 'waaay over his head, living on welfare and borrowed time.   One day he can't take the pressure and decides to go out with a bang.

The article would have one believe there was some way the various police, social services and education bureaucracies could have caught Hamilton before he snapped and prevented the killings.  Such a belief is ludicrous if one reflects for even a moment on the nature of bureaucracies and the police. 

The cops can't keep known violent criminals in stir, much less some old geezer that people think might be diddling little boys, maybe, but they have no evidence and no witnesses.

Bureaucracies do not process information, they FILE information.  They do not decide things, but rather put off decisions if at all possible.  They make lists, spend money and basically do as little as they can possibly get away with.

There is precisely one and only one thing which could have stopped Thomas Hamilton, and that is a human being with a GUN and the guts to use it, at the school when he showed up that day.  Teacher, parent, or passer by.  That's it.  No conceivable paper shuffling system or super duper cop could EVER be sure of identifying Hamilton before he struck of being there in time to stop him in the act.  No way, no hope, no chance.

This then is the horrific lie being sold to the general public.  Big Brother can not protect your personal ass, kids or property.  It is up to you.  Anybody who says different is either a liar or an idiot.  Likely both.

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