Monday, October 03, 2005

more Brady Center crapola in the media

Is there a Liberal bias in the media?  Naw, couldn't be!  Journalists are Objective, y'know!

Buried at the bottom of the LA Slimes re-hash on this "Shoot First" propaganda campaign from the Brady Center for Criminal Empowerment, we find this interesting statement:
Despite all the controversy, the law may not have expanded a citizen's rights much at all, said Bruce Colton, a state prosecutor in Fort Pierce who is president of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Assn. At a meeting last winter, Colton said, he and other prosecutors couldn't think of a single instance of a person convicted for using deadly force to protect himself or a family member in the street or anywhere else who would be exonerated by the new law.

"From a practical standpoint, it's not going to change things," he said.
Meaning the Brady Center and the LA Times are as full of shit as they can possibly be.  Quell suprize, n'est pas?  There's nothing going on here except a cheap shot at the Republicans.  How cheap is this shot?  The quote from Bruce Colton continues to end the piece:
His only concern, Colton said, is that some people might now wrongly interpret the law to mean that "if you bother me on the street, I can shoot you."
People Are Stupid.  The rallying cry of socialists and bureaucrats everywhere.

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