Saturday, October 08, 2005

The irony just slays me.

Black community leaders in Toronto have noticed black kids are getting shot by other black kids, whereas all the other colour of kids are not.  Pravda reports this as some kind of philosophical breakdown of the Civil Rights movement
Decades after the civil rights movement fought for racial integration, a Toronto coalition of 22 black community groups disgusted by gun murders in the city wants a separate set of rules and institutions for blacks — from a government department to a diversion program for minor crimes.The ambitious demands are, black leaders say, a turning point.Fifteen years ago, you would not have seen so many in the black community "so frustrated that they are willing to consider this a positive — this formation of separateness," said Zanana Akande, a former principal and an Ontario cabinet minister in Bob Rae's New Democratic Party government."But blacks have now reached the point of such disgust, such frustration, such a feeling of rejection around these issues, that well-trained, well-qualified, capable people have given up and said, `You know what? Maybe we should have our own,'" said Akande, past-president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, which is not a member of the coalition.
Gun deaths have ravaged Toronto's black community more than ever this summer. Out of more than 60 homicides this year, a record 41 have involved a firearm. Black community leaders say "90 per cent" have involved blacks.
Ok, so to be super clear about this, 90% of the shootings in Toronto this year involved blacks is not a cop number, not a government number, its a black community activist number.  Please note, Zanana Akande has never seen a cop she doesn't hate, and she's pinker than Lenin.  Here's some of the things she wants to do:
Among the more far-reaching solutions proposed is a new provincial ministry office on African-Canadian affairs, created to help black Ontarians get access to services that alleviate poverty, help keep youth in school and allow them to thrive culturally.The coalition is also calling for:

  • A court diversion program for blacks who commit minor offences.

  • An economic development agency for blacks.

  • A skills training and employment access program focused on blacks.

  • Police to keep race-based statistics.

  • Repeal of the zero-tolerance school discipline policy, which the Ontario Human Rights Commission is investigating for accusations that it deals more harshly with blacks.

  • A federal-provincial and cross-border task force to address trafficking in weapons and drugs.

  • An independent civilian review of police misconduct.

  • A halt to a large youth detention facility planned for Brampton, which it calls a "superjail."The coalition also supports calls for a black-focused school and envisions a vibrant African-Canadian cultural centre.The focus of these proposals on a single group makes them highly controversial. Some of the ideas — such as a diversion program and a black-focused school — were broached more than a decade ago but vilified as segregationist.Last month, Premier Dalton McGuinty said he was "not comfortable" with the concept of a black-focused school.That rationale now infuriates these community leaders.
    The police stopped keeping race based statistics years ago mostly because Zanana Akande and her posse in the NDP made them.  To see her come back and request it be re-started is both hilarious and SWEET.  Payback!  Love it!

    The NDP way of politically correct idiotology does not work, and now the victims of it are finally standing up and saying ENOUGH.  The black community hasn't yet identified Zanana baby and her fellow socialists as the source of their discontent, but they are on the right path.

    The Ironic Phantom


    Candace said...

    Unfortunately, the irony will be lost on the dippers. This is an interesting story; thanks for posting on it.

    The Phantom said...

    I'm starting to think the Dippers are all certifiable. Have you tried to converse with one lately? They're all frickin' cracked!