Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the predictable failure of gubmint control

People of the Left sometimes wonder why The Phantom is so dead set against government control of certain things.  I object to it because it is inefficient, expensive and counter productive.  There's almost nothing government can do that will not be done better, faster and cheaper by Canadians if you leave them the hell alone and let them get on with it.

Here is a small example:

The government of Alberta, which privatized its retail outlets a decage ago, profits more from provincial liquor sales than Ontario or Quebec, a new study has found.

The Montreal Economic Institute compared the three provinces' liquor industries and concluded Alberta's private retail system not only racks up greater profits for the government, but has also spawned more outlets and a greater number of products for consumers to choose from.

The article goes on to explain the evidence of greater private efficiency, and notes that about the only people who will lose out under a private liquor distribution scheme is unionized government employees.

Mr. Petkantchin believes one of the greatest fears of a privatized liquor industry is the loss of jobs for unionized employees. His study notes ''it's hard to deny that full-time unionized employees in a government monopoly, who enjoy advantages in wages and working conditions, are directly affected by privatization.''

''This point should not hide the positive results that a privatization of the SAQ would produce for Quebec consumers as a whole, with more stores at their disposal and the probable creation of many jobs.''

The Montreal Economic Institute comparison found employment levels in the liquor industry rose considerably in Alberta between 1993 and 1996, going from about 950 full-time positions to 2,904.

That would be TRIPLE the number of jobs, plus more profit, plus better customer service and more products.  Interesting, yes?  Ontario has announced they will not be privatizing the LCBO.  Here's their reason:

But Sean Hamilton, a spokesman for Ontario Minister of Finance Greg Sorbara, said government profit was not the main consideration in the decision not to sell the LCBO, so such studies would have little impact on the debate. ''First and foremost our first obligation is to guard the public interest, and so selling the LCBO is not an option,'' he said.

The LCBO will remain in public hands to safeguard principles of social responsibility, provide convenience and competitive prices, promote Ontario products and encourage responsible use and recycling, he said.

Translation: "The people of Ontario are stupid and cannot be trusted with liquor, so we clever government types have to Make Sure They Behave Properly."  And socialists wonder why their way never works.

Now take this model and apply it to something vital, like personal self defence or maybe food production, and you will see the inevitable failure of the Left in Europe explained.  Gun control, farm subsidies, Soviet collective farming, all boils down to People Are Stupid, we have to make them do it right.

The Private Phantom

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