Friday, October 21, 2005

Deer can be dangerous!

Bambi is not your friend!  California man gets killed by a buck in his own back yard.  Poor guy died more of medical misadventure than the deer attack, but you get the idea.  Deer with big antlers are not to be messed with.  Shoot 'em or run away.

However in other news Canada is getting set to pass a law, C-50, that if passed unchanged will allow animal rights whackos to charge any hunter or fisherman with cruelty to animals.  You catch a fish, whack it on the dock a couple times, fry it up and eat it, that's animal cruelty baby.  Shoot a deer perfect so it drops in its tracks, that's animal cruelty.  Oh, you say you have the sixteen required licenses and registrations and tags and permits stamped by the Pope's heel and followed all the two hundred regulations and everything?  Tough shit buddy, still animal cruelty and you go to jail.

I just love Canada sometimes.  Today is soooo one of those times.

The Cruel Phantom

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