Thursday, October 06, 2005

Liberals attempt bribery

Shaken to the core by scandal after scandal after outrage after scandal,
the Liberals have decided to try outright bribery.

> The federal government is planning a cash-back program for every
> taxpayer in the country during each year that the government reaps a
> larger-than-expected surplus.
> Finance Minister Ralph Goodale is set to introduce a "Surplus
> Allocation Act" tomorrow that will give all 15 million taxpayers in
> Canada a piece of the surplus pie, sources told CanWest News Service.
> The program will apply to every Canadian, rich or poor, who pays taxes
> in this country.
> Under the proposed legislation, any surplus beyond the $3- billion
> contingency fund for national emergencies would be divided three ways:
> debt relief, tax relief and new spending programs.
> It is the tax relief portion that the government intends to divvy up
> among taxpayers at income tax return time.
> "Taxpayers will now get a share of any unexpected surpluses. People
> like to pay less tax so this is good news," said a highly placed source.
As transparent a scam as I've ever seen. We will get small checks from
Paulie Martin right before he calls the election. We will never again
see refund checks because there will never again be a "surplus". There
will be "new spending" instead.

I'm being bribed with my own money to vote for scam artists who use
taxes as their re-election fund.

In other news the evil and frightening Conservative Party suggests tax
cuts. Woooo, scary!

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