Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Edmonton Sun agrees with The Phantom

Edmonton Sun editorial agrees with The Phantom. 

There's one constant and recurring theme when it comes to the federal Liberals: When in doubt, blame the Yanks. Prime Minister Paul Martin was up to his usual cynical standards this week when American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice paid a brief visit to Ottawa.

Rice has circled the globe many times and visited 40 other countries before finding time for Martin and his government.

That should tell you exactly where Martin's Liberal regime fits in to the Bush administration's priority list.

Martin, obviously giving his spring election platform a test drive, has been ramping up his anti-American rhetoric for weeks. The most obvious example of this has been the ongoing softwood trade dispute over the abysmal lack of proper timber fees charged by Canadian provinces.

But the scourge of drive-by shootings, drug gang turf wars and other gun crimes that are plaguing Canada's major cities was also high on the agenda when Rice and Martin sat down to dinner Monday night. That was when the prime minister tried to pin the blame on the Americans for all the illegal handguns in circulation in Canada.
Yep.  Spring election platform: gun ban and damn Yankees.  Tax cut?  Maybe we'll pretend a bit, just for the election.  Gawd.

The Phantom

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