Friday, October 07, 2005

Canadian Justice! A beacon to the world!

Sometimes I pity the poor jerks who are fool enough to become Crown prosecutors here in the Demented Dominion.  This is as classic a fubar case as anything I've ever seen.  From the National Poost today:
First-degree murder charges were dismissed against two men accused of an execution-style killing in Toronto on Christmas Eve, 2002, after the federal government deported the main prosecution witness before she could testify.

Justice Antonio Di Zio ruled yesterday he must discharge Lloyd Hastings and Kevin Johnson at the end of their preliminary hearing because there was no "admissible" evidence against the two men.

Even the INS isn't this thick, and that's saying something.  It makes you wonder, are there no telephones at Immigration?  Is there nobody to call, maybe put a hold on the deportation until AFTER the murder trial?

This is the kind of thing that makes me giggle when I hear people say the police will keep them safe.  There's two killers walked free right there because somebody doesn't answer their e-mail.

The Phantom

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Candace said...

Is that not appalling? I guess our minister of immigration was too busy racking up the pizza bills.