Friday, October 21, 2005

Not a word of a lie: boat registry!

Yes indeed they WERE going to have a boat registry, I kid you not.  Every goddamn canoe and rowboat in Canada to be registered.  However sanity has prevailed for the moment and the government has changed tack.
Legislation scheduled to come into effect next year would have set national standards for licencing and safety, but outfitters said applying the rules to all of their small boats would cost each of them thousands of dollars. Now it appears the rules could soon be amended to ease that potential burden. Saskatchewan Outfiiters Association head Hal Stupnikoff recently returned from meetings with Transport Canada officials in Ottawa. He says the ministry appears willing to let outfitters use a single licence to cover all their boats. "A lot of these operations have 100, 200 boats, " he said. "If you start charging a fee of $100 or $200 to register these things, it becomes pretty insurmountable." There were also concerns that guides would have to travel out of province to obtain safety certification.
Still, these guys have to get licenses and take training courses the same as you do to drive a car on a public road.  Nobody seems to think that is complete insanity, but think about it.  Now cottagers will have to license and take training courses for their canoes, wind surfers, sailboats, kayaks, and have proof of such on them in case the cops pull them over.  IN A CANOE?!!!

Its too early in the day for me.  I'm gonna barf, I swear.

The Nauseous Phantom

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