Thursday, October 27, 2005

Return fire from the Yank ambassador! PMPM is Lyin!

The Americans return fire on Paulie!  Woohoo!  Paulie pulled that 50% number out of his ass.

The U.S. ambassador said in an interview that Canada is unfairly blaming the United States for half its gun crime.

"I think they're incorrect," Mr. Wilkins said in an interview. "I just think it's easy when things go wrong to blame us, and I think that that's being done unfairly, quite frankly. I think we ought to emphasize that we're working together to solve the problem.

"I think the figure that's been bandied about of 50 per cent has not been substantiated."

Mr. Wilkins told CTV's Canada AM that the Canadians admitted the figure has no basis. Mr. Wilkins declined to tell The Globe whether the Prime Minister conceded the figure was not substantiated.

Just to sober up for a second though, consider this for a second, ladies and gentlemen.  Here I am citizen of a soverign nation that is 138 years old, is in the top ten of developed nations, has a long and proud history of democracy and defending freedom world wide.  I'm getting corrections to false statements made by the head of my government from the ambassador of a foreign power, not from my own media outlets.

Nobody at the National Poost, or the Glob and Snail, or the TV, or the Toronto (Red) Star or any of these places said Paulie pulled that 50% number from his pants. U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins said it, and the RCMP shame facedly admitted Paulie is full of it.  Even the editorials in the Sun yesterday didn't offer -evidence- that Paulie lied.  They just said he was in election mode, nobody phoned up the RCMP and said "Hey, what about that?".  I've got to wait to hear about it from an American government weenie.

There's something profoundly disturbing about that.  PMPM lies right in Condi's face on TV, everybody knows full well he's lyin', but I need the American Ambassador to say it.  There's some bad juju here.

The Profoundly Disturbed Phantom

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