Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fighting the deadly airgun threat!

I don't think I can comment civilly on this, so I'll just post it.

> SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon said the plans did not go far enough
> and accused the Scottish Executive of failing to deliver on a promise
> to take tough action.
> "Only a short time ago (First Minister Jack McConnell) was talking in
> terms of an outright ban on airguns, but clearly he has had little
> impact on his Westminster colleagues," she said.
> "Rather than this timid plan, we need real action to combat the
> dangers of airgun misuse.
> "It is not enough to simply restrict the sale of airguns - we also
> need to impose strict conditions on who can acquire airguns and where
> they can be used."
> The SNP said a strict licensing scheme, covering the sale, purchase
> and use of airguns was the only effective way of tackling the problem.
Scotland the not-so-brave. Blek. ~:b....... [large raspberry!]

The Phantom

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