Monday, October 24, 2005

More eeeevile, man pays for his own surgery!!!

Glob and Snail again, still sneaking editorial bias into news stories.  This time a revolutionary bone growth method has been tested and seems to work.  Awesome.

BUT, the mean old government won't pay the shot, and it costs a bomb.
The protein needed to trigger bone regeneration for the procedure generally costs more than $6,000, a fee medicare doesn't cover. As Mr. Russel, who retired in 2000 at age 55, put it: “I've been lucky in my life and was able to afford it.”
Translation, rich, que-jumping bastard.  Compare to the nightmare the nice black girl went through.  I paste this bit out of sequence, please read the article to get a better feel for the

Twenty-year-old Janine McFarlane knows this too well. As with Mr. Russel, a benign tumour swelled from the right side of Ms. McFarlane's jaw two years ago. Left untreated, the rare and aggressive jaw-tissue growth, known as ameloblastoma, can balloon to distort the face and fill the airways until it chokes a patient to death.

But unlike Mr. Russel, Ms. McFarlane, who was not a candidate for the new method because her larger tumour also involved the joint, underwent traditional surgery. In her case, surgeons replaced the jaw tissue she lost with 12 centimetres of bone carved out of her shin: “I couldn't walk for two months,” said Ms. McFarlane, an aspiring singer.

Translation, member of the deserving poor getting the shaft as usual.

Sometimes this paper just slays me.  Would it be so hard to focus on the acheivement instead of fiddling with the politics?

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