Friday, January 20, 2006

So much for "no harm".

Interesting news on the health front, serious STDs have increased dramatically of late.

According to the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, these rates have surged, despite an ongoing barrage of publicity about safe sex.

  • The rate of chlamydia rose by 70 per cent to almost 30,000 cases in 2004. People aged 15 to 24 mostly had the infection.
  • Gonorrhea infections went up by 80 per cent to 4,013 cases in 2004. Men aged 20 to 29 had the highest rate of infection. Among women, those aged 15 to 24 had the highest number of cases of gonorrhea.
  • Syphilis infections rose by a whopping 908 per cent to 598 cases in 2004. Men mainly over the age of 30 had syphilis, with a significant proportion of its transmission occurring between homosexuals.
Note that the Society is a proper doctor's organization, not some fruitloop Conservative propaganda machine.

Now, as I recall the Supreme Court of Canada recently found that because "sex clubs" (i.e. places where strangers go to do it all different ways with other strangers and pay money for the privelige) caused no "harm" to society, they were legal and that the owners could not be charged under local bawdy house regs.

I point out that this current increase in STDs is NOT due to such clubs, because there pretty much aren't any.  Maybe ten or twenty in the whole country, max.  But should such establishments become as common as strip clubs, or more likely should strip clubs turn into sex clubs, we could be looking at some pretty serious business.

But hey, the Supreme Court aren't activist judges, noooo.  That Harper, what a maroon.

The Phantom

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