Sunday, January 22, 2006

Latest thing in guns gets a test drive by US military

Its Metal Storm, finally getting a go from the Yanks.  Hot damn!  This is the first genuinely new idea in firearms since the gas-operated self loader.
Next month a new high-explosive munition will be fired in Singapore and then tested again by the U.S. Army, heralding what may be a sea change in weaponry: a gun that can fire 240,000 rounds per minute.
Well, make that a rate of 240,000 per minute.  The thing is more like a Claymore mine that you can aim.  But you can make the barrels any size, from pistol rounds to howitzers.  Recoil is probably the limiting factor.

Just the thing to stick on a UAV though, eh?  Nice area weapon.  Drift in, hit the target with 800 rounds in two seconds flat, scoot.  Awesome.  Nice thing to have mounted on a pintle on top of your truck too.  Omar lobs a mortar round at you, this thing locks on and obliterates it in half a second.  Reload and blast Omar while he fiddles with his mortar.  Hoowah.

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