Monday, January 23, 2006

British gun experiment continues on as expected.

Britian's experiment with letting Big Brother do it all is going as expected:  badly.

Record levels of gun crime are being blamed on the fact that more people than ever are carrying firearms as fashion accessories.

Figures published this week by the Home Office are expected to show that offences involving guns have soared by as much as 50 per cent in some parts of the country.

The greatest rises have been in the number of people found in possession of firearms and in the number of attempted murders.

Proving once again that Big Brother cannot keep you safe from the Bad People. 

The important thing to take home from this Independent article is not that the British Police are incompetent.  They are very competent.  Its just that they are trying to do something that is impossible.  As in can't be done.  Nobody can do it.  Not gonna happen no matter how much money gets spent or how many CCTV cameras there are.  Big Brother is a sham.

He can however take everything you have and kick your ass besides, so perhaps voting for the Big Brother party isn't such a good idea.

Here in Canada we have four (4) Big Brother parties, Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois and Greens.  We used to have five, because the Progressive Conservatives were right into Big Brother.  Not a good thing.

With their demise we now have the Conservative Party of Canada, CPC, who are not into Big Brother.  Little Brother maybe.  They think that government is good, but perhaps we could do with just a little less of it.  Canada looks after the poor and downtrodden, but if you are not in dire straights maybe you should just get on with it and not be holding your hand out.

So I voted for them this morning, and their campaign signs are all over my front lawn.  Hopefully tonight will see the CPC form the government, and then we shall see if my assessment is correct.

The Phantom

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