Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Britian quietly takes the next step down the road

British police are begining to show a rather frightening side.  They arrive and start making inquiries after comments are made on radio and TV shows.  Here's a beauty example:

TWYFORD strawberry farmer Eric Jarnet is fuming after police confiscated his shotgun on his 70th birthday because they feared he might emulate Norfolk farmer Tony Martin.

Mr Martin became a national figure after the shotgun killing of a burglar at his farmhouse.

An exasperated Mr Jarnet publicly admitted he might "do a Martin" after raiders stole hundreds of yards of irrigation piping from his 25-acre Twyford Fruit Farm in London Road, effectively putting him out of business.

Moments after he made his remarks police arrived to seize his shotgun, for which he has a licence.


Police spokesman Tim Wiseman said: "If anyone is making these public comments then we have a duty to check them out. Firearms, particularly in West Berkshire, are a sensitive issue."

"Concerns were passed to police following comments Mr Jarnet made on a local radio station. Thames Valley Police have a duty to make sure that no risk exists."

"We obviously had to respond to this and a firearms inquiries officer went round, and Mr Jarnet surrendered his gun."

That's a further step down the road to perdition, eh?  Thieves wipe out a guy's business, he gets interviewed on radio and pops off a bit about what he'd like to do to the scum that just ruined him, and THE COPS COME FOR HIM.  Next step, 2 AM no-knock warrant service on political undesirables.

Good thing the Conservatives just won in Canada eh?  ~:D

The Phantom

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